November 6, 2011
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Welcome to the Morrison News Network website. This site is dedicated to the history of my family including significant stories and news items related to present family. The Martin Morrison page has several links telling about him and his family. Martin was my great grandfather and also a remarkable photographer. Many of his Story county pictures are included on this site with more to be added later. The My Family page has our baby pictures plus (soon!) pics of us growing up! The Vault page has past stories that have appeared on Morrison News Network since the site was created. The Computer Stuff section contains good resources pertaining to Macintosh computer systems. More OS X information will soon be added. My Inspiration Page takes you to some fascinating and cool Bible topics, Movie Reviews, and writings submitted by friends and family. Recently added, The MNN Store takes you into my store powered by My picks for computers, software, and iPods plus more-all to help support this site. You can also search for almost anything on using the search box on the left side of this page. Various specials and items of interest are also displayed here. Items are priced to save you money and Thanks again for stopping by!

My wife Maxine's birthday was on September 23rd. I am working on a memorial page for her and will have this posted here hopefully before Christmas 2011. Things have been so hectic for me but I am determined to get this done. She went to be with the Lord on July 25, 2010. I miss her and love her very much!:


Above is an early picture of Maxine's family: left to right, mother Mabel Hughes, sister Marily, sister Sharon, father Denny Hughes holding my sweet little Maxine!


Some time ago, Annalisa Knutson from Norway found an old newpaper article dated 1895 from the Stavanger Aftenblad. This newpaper is still in existance today. Anyway, two people from the Aftenblad came to interview and observe the daily living activities of Martin Morrison on his farm in Jæren, in the SW corner of Norway, starting around 5 miles south of Stavanger. They spent several days with Martin talking with him and finding out why the locals there called him "mad."

Since the article was in an old dialect of Norwegian using the fraktur (the old german font), Annalisa had problems translating it. Recently, I told another Norwegian friend of mine who lives in Ames about this and he surprised me by saying he has a friend named Jim that lives in Oslo. This friend happens to have a PhD in Norwegian language! To make a long story short, my friend sent the article to him and after a couple of weeks or so, it was translated! Not long after receiving this translation, Sigrid Lein from the University of Bergen also finished translating the article. I am posting both on the "letters" page.

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I also recently acquired a couple of Martin's stereographs over eBay! One is a picture taken in Stokka, Norway and the other is a great stereograph of Bergen! This Bergen photo was in a collection right in my hometown of Ames! So, I didn't have far to go to pick this up after I won the auction. A sample of each of these pics is below. Clicking on them will take you to another page with info plus a much bigger view.

The Fleischer Hotel in 1889


My new friend Annalisa and her family from Jørpeland, Norway has sent me much information about Martin. She lives about an hour away from Stavanger (by ferry). She works at the Strand Bibliotek (library) in Jørpeland and has access to much historic information since she also is a member of the local historical society. I am very greatful to her for her kind assistance in supplying information about Martin and his family as recorded in the historical archives in Norway. She has recently uncovered much info including some newspaper articles about Martin Morrison at the Stavanger Archives plus found family information on Bertha Morrison. I will get this info posted ASAP. Way to go, Lisa!

My wife Maxine has also been very busy researching her family tree. To see some of her family pictures, go to this link! Eventually, much more will be added when she has time.






Martin Morrison Family Photo

Click on pic for larger view!

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